Currrent Teaching

  • Present 2015

    IB Computer Science High School Computer Science Teacher

    Built and delivered high school computer science curriculum following the IB computer science curriculum

  • Present 2015

    Middle School Computer Science Teacher

    Designed and delivered middle school computer science curriculum.

  • Present 2016

    Middle School Design 6

    Collaboratively developed and delivered introduction to design 6 based on MYP

  • Present 2016

    Middle School Product Design 1

    Collaboratively developed and delivered design class to grades 7 and 8, based on MYP design framework.

Courses I love teaching

  • IB Computer Science

    This two-year course (SL and HL) will realize the IB Computer Science subject aims.

  • High School Designing Solutions Programatically

    This course is about practical computer programming and slightly less about hard computer science. The focus will be on building practical, usable programming skills and knowledge to solve problems. This course is designed for students in grades 9 through 12. The main aims of this course are: To serve as an entry point for students who want to learn more about computer science (and programming) To identify and support students who are interested in formally pursuing computer science

  • Middle School Computer Science

    In this course, students will learn to use computational thinking to develop algorithmic solutions to real-world problems. They will begin to understand the different levels of complexity in problem solving and to determine when team projects might generate more effective problem solutions than individual efforts. Students will learn and use a programming language(s) and related tools, as well as appropriate collaboration tools, computing devices, and network environments. Finally, they will demonstrate an understanding of the social and ethical implications of their work and exhibit appropriate communication behavior when working as a team member.

  • Designing web applications via LAMP

    In this course, students will learn to develop and design web applications using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Students will have skills and knowledge related to the software development lifecycle, databases, operating systems, web-servers, and programming foundations. Students will understand and use javascript, jquery, jquery UI, and how those libraries interact with the DOM. Students will use professional-grade tools, and use tools in a command-line environment. A key idea of this course is students understand the depth of things and not approach web-application development in a point-and-click, superficial manner. This year-long course is designed for students 8th through 12th grade.

Teaching History

  • 2013 2012

    Graduate Level: 21st Century Literacy Ideas, Question, and Issues

    Things are different. In 2014, our access to information and access to powerful cognitive tools is unlike anything we have ever known. What is geographically different at the intersection of technology and learning? At the end of this course, participants understood some ideas, questions and issues learners face in the 21st century. But more than a laundry list of issues, participants deeply understood what is different, and why it matters for learning in the 21st century.

  • 2012 2011

    Graduate Level: Best Practice as a Catalyst for Knowing

    We reviewed, shared, and practiced research-based best practices to utilize technology to support student learning. The focus was on the habits that provide students with the ability to use technology for its greatest learning advantage. The best use of laptop computers, Smart boards, etc., was addressed as embedded tools to foster optimum learning of the curriculum. The optimal use of communication tools such as podcasts, blogs, nings, wikis, and voice threads was addressed with tips for management and strategies to promote maximum learning in classrooms.

  • 2011 2010

    Graduate Level: Integrating Digital Video Technology into Teaching and Learning

    In this course, students learned about the flipped classroom, digital video best-practices, and how to create a digital video learning experience. Students had the resources and the time to create at least 5 digital-video rich lessons.

  • 2006 2001

    Grades 3-8 Computer Science

    I taught grades 3-8 technology class. We explored applications, networks, the internet, and the normal course of curriculum for young students and technology.