Games Work in Education.

Are you a classroom teacher? So was I. I used games to teach, it works!

YES. Computer games are an incredible learning tool
YES. We can prove kids are learning
YES. We can see kids become excited and engaged about learning
YES. You can do it!

If you are interested in a quick-and-simple guide, you can click here. Or if you are a youtube kind of person:


Getting your foot in the door
An Invitation to teachers to use games in your classroom
Helping teachers to use games
Setting a higher standard and assessment
Instructional design and games

Evaluating the educational potential
Criteria for evaluating educational potential in games
The right circumstances for games in education to work

Good games to use in your classroom and some examples

An introduction to Sim City 4 (6.1 MB PDF file)
An Introduction to The Sims 2 (4.5 MB PDF file)
An Introduction to Age of Mythology (7.4 MB PDF file)
An Introduction to Civilization 3 (7.8 MB PDF file)

How might I use Railroad Tycoon III in my classroom?
Is Eve Online a good choice for my classroom?

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Some answers to some common questions:


Bill MacKenty

Look at the energy, enthusiasm, and motivation our kids spend playing computer games. Yea. Let's use that.

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