I love being a professional educator

My sister makes a lot more money than I do, but I think I have more fun at work (she might disagree). Becoming a professional educator was the best choice I ever made. Hard days? Of course. Systemic underfunding and bureaucratic silliness? Certainly. But I get insane curiosity and open minds who want to learn and poke at new ideas. Oh, and of course I am the faculty advisor to the karaoke club. How cool is that?

Here are some articles I've written about teaching.

Dear Diary....

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Bill MacKenty

Teaching is science and art. What nobler work could we aspire to than to teach?

Why not teach?

I encourage geeks to become involved in educational technology. You get to use your skills to create solutions for schools, and help shape the next generation of geeks. Schools especially are want for highly skilled technicians. Schools are especially great places to adopt open source solutions.