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What do you think of virtual private servers?

Friday, January 15, 2010

I currently manage and pay for 4 websites and one text-based game. I think I probably pay about $400.00 a year for all of these services combined. I like these services because someone else takes care of support, security, and patching. I don't like these services because I lose some flexibility - my data is fragmented amongst 4 services, if I want to rapidly prototype something I have to pay for a new hosting instance, and I can't use bleeding edge stuff (which I actually enjoy). In the last year or so, virtual private servers have gained some traction - it looks like a year on a vps server with 512 RAM would cost me $240.00 (and my time). I liked the idea of dedicated servers, but they are way out of my price range. I love the idea of command line access to my own server. yummy. I also want to keep my system administration skills sharp, and this seems like a good way to do it. None of my 4 sites garner much attention - I get about 400 unique hits a day on this blog, but that is it. I probably have about 40 gigs worth of data on the 4 sites. I like the idea of consolidating my websites. I can't self-host because I rent an apartment and don't have a spare machine. Does anyone out there have experience working with VPS? Drawbacks? Advantages? I appreciate any feedback, and I would be happy to offer additional details if that would help.

I’ve used Linode.com for various experiments.  Very nice setup and admin tools.  No complaints.

By Tom Hoffman on 2010 01 15

I’m planning to move into a VPS far in the future, but right now I basically have almost no money to use. I’m probably going to grow out of my current hosting configuration also because my website that I started in August grew much faster than I expected.

Great site redesign by the way.

By Brian on 2010 01 18

Hey Brian!

Thanks for the feedback - I have to tell you, I am SOLD. I am now running ALL my online stuff in one place.  So cool.

By Bill on 2010 02 01

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